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WHOA!!! ❌🚫😳 How to Spot FAKE LipSense!! 😳🚫❌

Friends, fake beauty products are EVERYWHERE on the internet and it’s kinda grossing me out. Just do a quick google search and you’ll see where tests are showing all sorts of lead and crazy chemicals coming from counterfeit cosmetics from China. Of course, LipSense isn’t immune from these scammers looking to make a quick buck from the great brand image LipSense has built up!

Fakes are being resold in Discount Facebook Groups, even the “going out of business” ones. They are also sold on Amazon and Ebay. The fakes can be bought and sold at a fraction of the real(safe) products and easily marketed as a distributor going out of business. They offer a hard to resist discount, but the product is not LIPSENSE and can be harmful to you.

So how do you protect yourself as a consumer, spot it when you see it, and what can be done about it?

❌ Here are a few common signs of a fake: ❌

1. The tube is missing easily overlooked, but required markings. The batch number is the most common exclusion.

2. The font varies slightly on the label and may appear unclear.

3. The product doesn’t look like the expected color, or has a different consistency, when applied to paper, a mirror, or a plastic transparency. Some tubes even smell sweet like they’ve been flavored with something.


🚫The companies producing these fakes do their best to mimic the real deal. You won’t find many typos – but this one still has a small error in it!

🚫All SeneGence products have a batch number somewhere on them for quality control purposes. So what must it mean when that number is missing?

🚫The tubes look virtually identical here – It’s easy to see why many people assume it’s the real deal!

One color is just a little bit off – but we’ve seen variance in authentic products. The only way to really tell if they’re different colors is to put them on. I do not suggest you try a product you think is fake. The risk is not worth it!

🚫When you open the tube, you may also notice a small difference in the stopper size. It’s virtually indistinguishable without a fake tube and real tube next to each other. On this fake, there was definitely a quality difference in the applicator. Which one looks more like a $25 product to you?

🚫You may also notice a difference in the quality of the plushness on the applicator. Real SeneGence applicators are plump and fuzzy. This allows the product to absorb and give a smooth application.

🚫And lastly, we come to the color match itself. Again, do not try anything you think may be fake on your skin!!! The best place to test a color is on a clear plastic sheet (I use transparencies), a mirror, or thick makeup blending paper; regular paper will work in a pinch, but will absorb some of the liquid which may make a close match more difficult.

Have you come across fake LipSense? How could you tell? 🤷‍♀️

If you think you’ve come across fake LipSense but aren’t 100% sure, message me and I’ll look into it for you! 🔍

🛍👄Please ONLY buy Beauty Products from a Real SeneGence Distributor. If you aren’t sure who they are...each Distributor has a unique ID# that can be looked up on the main SeneGence website.

Also, each distributor has a site called a SeneSite. This is and online source where a distributor can direct a customer to purchase product and have it directly shipped from the company. If you can not find the distributor or their picture doesn’t match up, please purchase from someone you trust.


P U C K E R & P O U T . by Angela House

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