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Top 3 Tips to Success! 🤩


1️⃣ Recruit yourself FIRST!!

If you haven’t fully committed and you’re just dipping your toe in the water, how can you expect other people to join you in the pool?! Passion is commitment! ❤️

Ask yourself this! Will you still be building your business, will you still be committed 6 months from now, 1 year from now, 3, or 5 years from now? Do you know 💯%?!

This level of commitment happens after the Honeymoon phase, after you’ve realized that it takes work, AFTER you’ve had some struggles, at the point that your work ethic is still as big as your DREAMS! This takes TIME! 🕐

2️⃣ Find your battle buddy!!

Commit to SOMONE! 👯‍♀️ You have a 65% higher chance of succeeding when you commit to someone else! You will increase your odds of success by 95% if you have a specific accountability appointment! That person needs to hold you accountable every single day! Yes- every single day! Every day you share what your results were or weren’t and what you did that day!

3️⃣ Have FUN!!

Fun is making money! Fun is helping other people make money! Fun is having time freedom so you can go live your life ON PURPOSE! 💯 People are more attracted when you’re having fun! You’re creating likability! You’re creating a CULTURE! 🎉

S T Y L E .  B E A U T Y .  C A R E E R .  L I F E .