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Stuck in a Mommy Rut?

Feel like you've been in a MOMMY RUT?

Use these tips to streamline your new beauty and lifestyle routine to feel your best — inside and out.

If there's ever a time for an overhaul of your daily beauty and lifestyle routines, it's during your baby's first year. As soon as you bring your precious bundle home, you realize all your old ways of doing things — from the way you treated your hair (bye-bye salon blowouts and 3 hour salon appointments) to the way you chilled out after a strenuous day at work (au revoir to relaxing in front of the TV) — no longer apply. (Even moms with an older child or two need to tweak their day-to-day schedules once there's a new baby in the mix.) So what can you do to look and feel your best now that you're short on time? Find savvy shortcuts that streamline your beauty routine, make finding the best clothes for your new, post-baby body a snap, and recharge your batteries when too many baby-related chores threaten to overload your circuits.

Here's help for multitasking moms...

Postpartum Wardrobe and Beauty Fixes!

Stained tops (thanks to your baby's prolific spit-ups and your leaky boobs) and leggings are any new mom's go-to outfit, especially in those first postpartum weeks when fitting into your prepregnancy clothes isn't possible and you really aren't keen to keep wearing those maternity staples. Since you do have to go out in public (it's good for you, remember?), you'll need a few postpartum clothing tricks that will hide the bulges and leaks without sacrificing comfort. (Think dark-colored tops and bottoms with colorful accessories.) Worried that you'll never fit into those prepregnancy jeans? Relax. It took nine months to build that baby-growing body, so give yourself time to get back into shape. (I have to remind myself of this daily!) As long as you eat right and treat yourself well (read: squeeze in a brisk walk and savor healthy snacks rather than scarfing down junk food), you'll find your way back into (most) of your fave pre-baby clothes.

Your clothes may not be the only thing preventing you from looking (or feeling!) like a postpartum diva. Your pre-baby beauty routine has probably taken a hit, too, with those 30-minute hair-and-makeup sessions in front of the bathroom mirror being replaced by a 30-second swipe of a hairbrush (and that's on a good day). You'll need to find a new streamlined postpartum hair-and-makeup routine — but one that isn't so pared down that it's nonexistent. (Make it easy with one of these quick beauty products I listed below. These basic beauty products pack a punch and save time!) And when those colic-induced — or teething-induced — sleepless nights take their toll on your spirits, you might need to bring in the heavy artillery (or makeup bag) to boost your outlook — and your looks!

1. Bellame THE ACQUA LUMIERE COLLECTION - Cleanser, Serum, Eye Cream and Moisturizer

2. Color Correcting Tinted Moisturizer

3. SenseCosmetics™ Corrective Color Concealer Up

4. Black LashSense VolumeIntense Waterproof Mascara

5. LipSense and Gloss

Your Energy and Health Postpartum!

Between sleep deprivation and the demands of daytime baby care, new moms have a hard time mustering the energy they need. What helps you get back that revved-up feeling? Stretching, walking in the sunshine, listening to music or kicking back with a healthy snack can do wonders for improving mommy moods in the first year. A word of caution: Make sure you don't fall into a routine that routinely neglects you. Focus on finding time (it's there, even if you can squeeze only ten minutes out of your day) for fitness and friends to bust you out of that mommy rut.

Another thing that shouldn't fall off your to-do list? Taking care of your health, whether your arm is aching from all that baby-carrying or you're unexpectedly feeling a few signs of the baby blues (and if you're feeling particularly blue, be sure to ring up your doctor). Whenever you're feeling overwhelmed physically or emotionally (or both), remember to ask your partner, family, or friends to lend a hand so you can get back to feeling like your old self.

For more info on these products check out my beauty website and my Pretty Mess beauty blog at www.puckerpoutbeauty.com

Shop Bellame: https://bellame.com/puckerpoutbeauty/shop

SeneGence: https://senesite.senegence.com/PuckerandPoutbyAngelaHouse

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