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How to Paint those Piggies Preggo!

🤰Pregnant lady trying to paint her toes tonight? PRESENT and Humbled.

Here is my advice! 👇🦶💅

💕Prep Your Work Space.

Prepare the area where you'll be polishing your pretty little piggies. If you are accident prone like me, you might want to set up somewhere that is free of pointy edges, unforgiving tile floors, and a mirror that will undoubtedly taunt you. (👹 pure evil.)

💕Pace Yourself...It’s Not A Race.

Of course, before you were preggie you could have showered, shaved, and lacquered your nails in the time it now takes you to put on real pants. Beauty can be painful sometimes, but don’t push yourself. If you feel yourself getting light-headed or your back gets sore, take a break and congratulate yourself for making it this far without incident- perhaps toppling over! 🤣

💕Don’t Cry. 😭

Sounds redic....but baby on boarders cry for no reason at all and a lot. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️🙋‍♀️Anything from those adoptive puppy commercials to a lack of chocolate in the house is a legitimate reason to let the floodgates open. So even though you'll want to cry out of frustration, desperation, or excessive perspiration💦, tears just make it harder to see where your toes are hiding beyond your stomach!!!🦶

💕Use Tape {if you can reach.}

Okay, let’s MacGyver it girls! Tape can be a pregnant ladies BFF! Using tape to create a barrier between your nail and skin is a must if you want to avoid removing, smudging, and repainting your toes. 🧰🧲🧨

💕Let Go Of Perfection {this one pains me.}

Pregnancy is a great trial for parenthood. You learn to lower your expectations, be comfortable with being uncomfortable, and keep going even when things don't always go your way. Unless you are a Cirque du Soleil performer the same goes for painting your toenails when pregnant. You must be OK with the fact that your pedicure probably won't look perfect applied. 🎪

💕Totally Play It Off.

Whether you just couldn't get the right angle or you forgot because of baby brain, accidents happen. When in doubt, play off any mistake like you did it on purpose.

For example: “Ummmm...half the pinky toe in 💗pink is totally the new trend.” 😉

💕Ask For Help {or use that salon gift certificate you got for Christmas.}

If you're only two toes in and you're already sweating 🤬in places you didn't even know existed, it might be time to call for backup. Whether you book an appointment at the salon or you pleasantly remind your partner you're creating a human inside of you and could you a little assistance, treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of having someone else paint your toes.😻👌

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