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From Pittsburgh to Moscow.

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

❄️ From Pittsburgh to Moscow! ❄️

It’s not easy to feel pretty when winter weather is seriously ravaging. Basically anything that can go wrong in the beauty department does go wrong: cracked, lips, irritated skin, dry hair—the list goes on and on. ☃️ Which is why you really have to hand it to the women who live in seriously freezing places. ❄️ We may not be Moscow, but PA this time of year is certainly not the tropics! Winter seems to rage from November to April here!

❄️ That means locals have to adapt, coming up with clever and efficient ways to protect their skin and hair from the frigid temps! So, how do we do winter beauty? Keep reading for some awesome advice on how we keep glam during the frosty months. 👇

❄️ My skin always feels and looks best in the winter when I go to the next level with moisturizing everywhere I can! 💦 Put a humidifier in the bedroom, go double-time on the water consumption, and never go anywhere without a non wax based lip balm or soothing gloss.💧Apply lip balm before bed and when you wake up the flakes are soft enough to gently brush off with a towel. 👄 Lip Smooth is another amazing product to keep lips lush. I also pat on Nangai oil over of my regular moisturizer (underneath my foundation so it looks more dewy/less cake-y), as well as before bed. For instant added moisture on the go, keep moisturizing spray in your bag to quench that skin, girl! 💦

❄️ Here are a few more simple and major beauty fixes I stick by in the winter months. I use coconut oil or Shea Butter Body Cream all over my body—it's the best moisturizer for skin and lips. Coconut oil is amazing on dry ends and scalps. I carry dryer sheets in my purse for my always-present static hair⚡️, and lastly, I drink lots and lots of hot tea and I have heard great benefits of hot lemon water because, well, that fixes just about everything. ❄️

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