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5 Tips to transition your beauty routine for spring!!


Your cold weather beauty routine is really all about survival: keeping yourself covered, protected, and hydrated while battling harsh elements, freezing temps outdoors and moisture sapping heaters indoors. As the flowers bl🌸🌸m, sun shines, and temperatures rise, your beauty routine has to evolve along with them.

Check out my tips for transitioning your beauty routine from cold weather to happy spring, from head to toe! 👇

🌸1. Say yes to sunscreen!

Yes, you should be applying it year ’round (even in the dead of winter!), but now that the weather is warmer, you’ll be outside more frequently with those limbs exposed. This means extra sun exposure, which equals more opportunities for freckles, wrinkles and damage.

🌷Be sure to apply at least a quarter-sized amount to your face, and if you’re outside for longer than two hours, reapply!

🌸2. Love your lips!

Romance blossoms in spring, and so you’ll want to make your lips their most kissable. The delicate area of your lips gets dry and flaky over winter.

🌷Perfect your pout by gently brushing with a toothbrush to exfoliate, then applying emollient balm or gloss to seal in moisture.

🌸3. Treat your tresses!

After a long, cold winter, your skin isn’t the only thing requiring TLC. Hair is likely to be lank, limp and desperately in need of (conditioning) love.

🌷Apply a deep-conditioning mask in the shower at least once a week, and don’t forget to use heat protection sprays while blow drying and styling.

And start the season off right by scheduling an appointment at the salon to get rid of dull, dead ends. 💇‍♀️

🌸4. Pamper your elbows and heels!

You take care of the rest of your body, but areas like elbows and heels are often neglected. Scales and rough, dead skin can build up over the colder months, so these areas require a two step approach.

🌷Start by exfoliating: You can use a granular scrub, a foot file or even a washcloth to tackle rough skin. Finish with a healthy dose of daily hydration.

🌸5. Nighttime pedicure prep!

Spring means open toes and feet on display, girl!

🌷Get pedicure ready by applying a thick layer of moisturizing cream to feet before bed. Top your tootsies with socks to lock in hydration while you sleep. You’ll have baby soft feet by morning!

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